Discover an Explosive New Parrot Training System

Discover an Explosive New Parrot Training System

Product Identify: Uncover an Explosive New Parrot Coaching System

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For All Parrot Lovers
Who Need A Happier, Even Hilarious Hen…

1. Yelling at your
Parrot to “SHUT UP” when it screams
2. Over-reacting and shouting “OOOH”, “AAAH”
or “OUCH” every time it bites
3. Giving your
solely seeds to eat
4. Putting the cage close to the window overlooking the backyard
5. Placing your
above chest stage
6. Having a single perch
in your
7. Putting the meals
and water bowls simply beneath the perch
8. Putting your
in your shoulders…

Even in case you are doing any
one of many above, you’re inadvertently
snowballing dangerous
conduct. It is time you appropriate your
dealing with strategies to develop into an ideal
dad or mum in simply 15 straightforward days…”

( A Parrot
Lover For The Final 12 Years)

Not even the worst blood-drawing

biters, crystal-shattering screamers, or cussed,

party-pooper non-talkers have an opportunity to withstand these highly effective

Parrot coaching strategies… get your

Parrot to do precisely what you need

with ease…

All in file time!… Tremendous straightforward, NEVER

utilizing punishment!

The Actually Nice Half Is, Your

Parrot Will Love You Extra For It!

“Wow! This Stuff

Actually Works…”

“In just below 2 weeks I’ve gone from a quivering, tearful, annoyed
fowl rescuer, to the proud proprietor of Dylan, the
who in his personal phrases is ‘alright’….
Thanks on your info…”
(Josette Bellham, Lowestoft, UK.)

“Your coaching data has achieved a large amount with my

My fowl now may be very pleasant in the direction of everyone and appears ahead to
getting out of his cage and onto individuals’s fingers.”
(Stella Lam, Danville, Virginia.)

“Thanks a lot on your coaching data,
it has labored wonders with my
Sam, his speaking has improved, and I’m far more assured in dealing with
him and understanding him.” (Pauline Chamberlain)

have been about to search out him a brand new residence. Nonetheless, your strategies concerning
responding to shrieking episodes have labored. He’s far more
calm and playful. His biting makes an attempt, dealt with in the best way
you counsel (shifting into the chunk) have dropped significantly, and
he isn’t biting as arduous.” (Terry Clark, Los Gatos, California)

I cant consider it! Its already beginning to work, immediately I
had D.J. on my hand, which he would by no means do, except I had a towel
on my hand as a result of he would chunk me vicously, however… now i can acctually
maintain and pet him! What a distinction!” (Ashley
Bratt, League Metropolis, Texas)


guide places its concepts into phrases that you would be able to perceive, many issues
not considered by the final inhabitants corresponding to bathing, stopping
sickness… helpful tips on cage placement… and particular course
as to WHAT NOT TO DO. I’d reccmmend this guide
to anybody concerned with studying extra about having birds as home
pets of any breed. (Brenda A. La Platte, Jupiter, Florida)

Expensive Parrot Lover,

wish to let you know a real story that is on the sting of probably
scandalizing you…

About 13 years in the past, a great buddy

of mine, Wayne, “rescued” Parrot

that confirmed up mysteriously on his again porch balcony someday.

He got here proper in the home when provided

a cracker, and woofed it down like a ravenous feathered pig…

the poor, misplaced fellow was clearly very hungry.

Nicely, Wayne, being a great man, stored

him in the home (he did not have a cage), and tried to find

the proprietor of the misplaced Parrot by placing an advert within the native paper.

No person responded to the “Misplaced Parrot”

insertion… and ultimately, Wayne ended up turning into an sudden

Parrot proprietor, as

he by no means did discover the unique house owners.

Within the meantime, Wayne named the

playful and pleasant fellow “Polygon”. And to his shock, Polygon

talked… and it wasn’t simply “Hiya” he was saying. Polygon’s

chatting was somewhat extra “sophisticated”…

“I need

pot seeds”

Huh?!… pot seeds??? Had been the

ex-owners giving this fowl marijuana seeds? Maybe they have been

tasty, maybe Polygon was even getting excessive!? I actually do not

know, I simply know that Polygon liked to say this (I

heard it myself many occasions).

Wayne thought it was fairly humorous,

regardless that he did not smoke or drink. That’s… he thought

it was humorous till company came to visit… then it stopped being

humorous quick!

Wayne needed to do some critical explaining

to his doubtful, and shocked company that HE wasn’t giving Polygon

pot seeds and getting his pleasant fowl drugged out!

And it wasn’t the one factor Polygon


Someday after I went to go to Wayne and Polygon,
Wayne excitedly waved me over, “Nathalie, take heed to this…”, he
then referred to as out “Whoa…” and Polygon referred to as proper again…


Child! Mild my hearth!”

Wayne and I laughed so arduous it

introduced tears to our eyes!

Polygon had simply made me develop into

a passionate Parrot lover. I by no means

imagined that Parrots might be so

charming and humorous, and I by no means actually had even imagined proudly owning


For the final 12 years, I’ve realized

A LOT about these feathered associates, largely by the varsity

of arduous knocks (or ought to I say “bites”)! I’ve gathered actually

lots of of suggestions and methods on find out how to maintain comfortable and wholesome

Parrots, and in case you

let me, I wish to share this information with you to assist YOU efficiently

resolve any Parrot problem you

would possibly be dealing with.

I wish to share with you my passionate

quest to have the happiest, healthiest, and funniest

Parrots potential!

Does this

sound like such a far-off dream…

to personal such a humorous, speaking Parrot?

Nicely, know that this dream is

not tough to realize with the suitable information.

I imply, I too have actually

found that not all Parrots

are like Polygon at first…

Are you coping with sore, even

bloody fingers (bitten to demise), ringing ears (these sonic

screams), or just Parrot that

refuses to talk… and you haven’t any clue why he’s mute as a

fish, bites, or screams, regardless of your finest decided efforts?

I wager you did not understand proudly owning

Parrot can be so emotionally

involving, maybe a nerve-wracking problem, even outright

harmful in some instances!


Parrots can BITE!!!

If you have not already observed,

when a few of these guys chunk, they do not fiddle… we’re

speaking about beaks that mom nature designed to crack open

arduous nuts, or rip by powerful wooden. You do not need these razor-sharp

“feathered-pruners” snapping at your tender fingers… or worse…

in the direction of ears and eyes that appear to be leaves and fruit to an

untrained, frightened, or annoyed Parrot…

And when your

Parrot turns into, or IS already, a continuing screamer?

Nicely, you already know… you’d

be higher off having a 16 yr previous insurgent teen-ager in your house,

who goals of being a worshipped Rock Star, along with his new Gibson

electrical guitar, distortion pedal, 200 watt Kenwood amplifier,

and truckload of audio system… the purpose being…


smokes! Parrots can SCREAM!!!

You already know it is getting dangerous

when your company involuntarily spill their drinks after a 80-decibel

Parrot scream,

or when somebody sits down rapidly, holding their coronary heart, nervous that

they could be going into cardiac arrest!

Some birds even scream at

night time… discuss a sleepless, wide-awake nightmare… and

not only for you, additionally on your native indignant neighborhood!

However I will go away that (hopefully) simply to your creativeness…

as a result of it will not match THAT terrible actuality.


sufficient scary Parrot discuss…

I am not right here to speak you

out of getting Parrot, nor do

I wish to scare you into the !TRAGEDY!

of dumping a “misbehaving” Parrot

off on the native pet store, nor do I wish to encourage the bird-brained

concept of setting Parrot “free”

at some native park (sure this sadly occurs out of ignorance

and desperation)…

And no, pot seeds will

NOT treatment your Parrot! That was simply

a humorous reminiscence I shared as an instance that Parrots can and WILL say the craziest issues as soon as they begin speaking.

And other than the truth that Polygon’s ex-owners might need

been irresponsibly giving him pot seeds, he was clearly

very nicely handled and nicely educated to be such a contented and talkative


What I wish to discuss to

you about is an easy strategy to STOP and PREVENT ANY

Alfred Hitchcock type feathered nightmare… I need to point out

you find out how to personal a loving, speaking, tricking, playful, and colourful

feathered angel… like Polygon.

The excellent news is you actually can do one thing

about your present Parrot state of affairs

and enhance it dramatically. You simply want to grasp your

little man, after which act accordingly with confirmed coaching strategies

to maintain her or him as your colourful “better of buds associates” in your


(Pals do not chunk and scream, and so they

are hopefully politely potty-trained).

It is time you simply perceive your Parrot’s
easy wants, practice her or him with strategies that work honest-to-goodness
wonders, to reside the fixed, coronary heart warming pleasure of holding
a Parrot that talks and performs like a
small youngster, typically so humorous that they make you chortle to tears…
And keep away from the all-too-often tragic nightmare of a “ferocious caged
rat with feathers”.

That was meant to be a humorous

exaggeration, however a imply

Parrot that bites arduous, or an ear-shattering screamer

that provides you and your neighbors ZERO peace, or perhaps a frightened,

terrified Parrot that sees YOU as

an enormous evil monster, is much from humorous, and no laughing matter…

We’re speaking tears and blood… and it is

time to cease or forestall this dangerous conduct for good, or earlier than

it ever occurs, and encourage the optimistic enjoyable conduct, like

speaking and tricking… beginning immediately!

Who would put their

Parrot in a closet?

Luckily, (and sadly)

solely a small handful of Parrot house owners

put their birds in a closet, or some

different disagreeable location, however it occurs, extra out of ongoing

desperation than cruelty…

No imply punishment will EVER

get your Parrot to snap out of his

“harmful or cussed spoil-sport methods”… do not power, you may

solely make issues worse!

There is a FAR simpler, and

an infinitely simpler strategy to get your fowl to behave

and carry out… that may actually:

Begin The

Speaking And Singing… Not simply “hi there”

… get him to beg and plead for mercy until he will get

his favourite deal with… greet you while you stroll within the door with

such an upbeat message that your spirits rise, even get him

to sing like a star, and ring like a telephone (tricking your folks),

you may by no means know what kind of silliness he’ll say or imitate

subsequent… may very well be hilarious, and be careful, it may very well be shockingly


Carry out

Hilarious Methods… Amaze your family and friends…

and easily have nice enjoyable together with your Parrot

(he’ll find it irresistible too)… form of like having an in-house circus


Glow In

Radiant Well being … A wholesome

Parrot is a happier Parrot, that’s much more prone to

behave nicely. Be taught every thing you have to know to maintain your


shining and vibrant, avoiding illness and damage.

Cease The Biting…Save your

fingers from painful sharp bites rapidly by utilizing a couple of highly effective

coaching strategies that work outright wonders in lower than 15 days,

solely half-hour a day… you will not consider it when your fowl

hops onto your hand with out taking a foul behavior snap at your

poor fingers!

Cease The

Screaming… Save your ears, and sanity

from ear-shattering screams… the issue may very well be simply the

place of your Parrot’s cage,

or considered one of many components that makes him scream, discover out, and

cease this quick.

Cease The

Messy Poops… Cannot cease mom nature, however

you will get your fowl to goal higher and develop into potty


Save Your Pockets… from

very pricey vet, or private professional coach payments… you are able to do every thing concerning coaching on

your personal when you might have the suitable information base.

Save Your

Coronary heart… from breaking, as a result of you already know one thing’s

not proper with your Parrot… you

simply do not know what the heck it’s…

Perceive Your


So Nicely…

It is VERY easy widespread sense… that can provide you actual outcomes instantly

and wonderful outcomes inside 15 days or much less!

Pay attention, in case you personal or wish to personal a Parrot,
the least you have to do is dedicate quarter-hour a day to this creature.
Make it actual high quality time that provides you wonderful outcomes…

Parrot Secrets and techniques™ has the

quite simple aim of serving to you make your

Parrot comfortable and wholesome, with information

and coaching strategies that may can help you obtain this

aim in flying colours!

A cheerful,

understood, correctly

fed, and wholesome Parrot will

be nothing in need of deep pleasure, hilarious enjoyable

, and affectionate love inside your own home…

now, train your Parrot to speak,

sing, play, snuggle, even do astonishing methods with ease! Your

comfortable Parrot

will almost certainly even shock you, and do that on his or her


“…Apart from this fowl, your coaching was the neatest

buy I ever made.”

I’ve to thanks a lot on your coaching course for

my Parrot JoJo.

I adopted him from somebody who abused him terribly. He

had chewed considered one of his toes off (earlier than I bought him 4 months

in the past) as a result of he was placed on a moist flooring that was simply washed

with Mr. Clear and never rinsed or dried. He ended up in

the basement of this individual’s residence with no consideration.

His chest & thighs have been utterly picked aside –

he was bare! The one feathers he had have been on his head

& wings.

He was very, very skiddish and would hardly let me put

meals in his bowl or give him fruit with out eager to

chunk my fingers off. He hardly spoke out of worry. He would

growl like an indignant canine ready for his slab of meat.

After your coaching course, I can not consider the belief

i’ve gained with him. It’s unbelievable. I’m now half

of his “flock” and know that he loves me.

He offers me kisses on my cheek, takes showers with me,

he waves, performs video games with me, eats dinner with me and

his feathers are coming again! We at the moment are engaged on his

potty coaching…..That is our subsequent endeavor….He even

will get together with my cats and so they play collectively.

I’m amazed how briskly this coaching has taken off. I’m

extra shocked than something. Nothing else was working,

I listened to what the vet prompt and it simply wasn’t


I can not thanks sufficient, and except for this fowl, your

coaching was the neatest buy I’ve ever made. Each

day we be taught new issues collectively.

This course in much less
than 2 weeks has modified each of our lives… Thank YOU, once more!!!

Jennifer Clark,
New Hyde Park, New York, USA

biting makes an attempt, dealt with in the best way you counsel… have dropped

I ordered the coaching
supplies to help in working with our parrot, who had developed
the behavior of ear-piercing shrieking and random biting, arduous
sufficient to attract blood. We have been about to search out him a brand new residence.

Nonetheless, your strategies
concerning responding to shrieking episodes have labored. He
is far more calm and playful. His biting makes an attempt,
dealt with in the best way you counsel (shifting into the chunk) have
dropped significantly, and he isn’t biting as arduous.

Regardless of proudly owning and
studying two fowl books, we have been unaware of the correct info
concerning hours of sunshine he ought to expertise in a day, and
nighttimes wanted, and we have now adjusted his schedule.

He’s clearly
a extra content material fowl. Thanks.

Terry Clark
Los Gatos, California

I cant consider it! Its already beginning to work,… He has
already made an enormous change”

Wow I cant
consider it! Its already beginning to work, immediately I had D.J.
on my hand, which he would by no means do, except I had
a towel on my hand as a result of he would chunk me vicously, however
immediately I attempted the factor the place you pet him with the sticks
on all sides then transfer nearer with my fingers and that made
alot of progress, then I had him on my hand, I’d let him
chunk me then he bought actually confused so he would then he simply

He has already made
an enormous change, now i can acctually maintain and pet him! What
a distinction!

Ashley Bratt,
League Metropolis, Texas

“…As You Can Think about This Was Driving Me Loopy… He

Is Now Happier Than Ever.”

I might first like to inform you only a bit about our Parrot

Dylan.  We by no means deliberate to have a fowl or certainly

ever even considered getting one.  Nonetheless, our

son, Scott, rescued him in a neighborhood park with the help of

a quaver crisp.

Poor little factor was very, very frightened and used to

spend all day actually screaming which as you’ll be able to think about

was driving me loopy, proper as much as the purpose of wanting

to search out him a brand new residence.

Therefore I appeared on the internet and located your coaching course.

I’m glad to say that he has now stopped screaming inside

just some days after I learn your course. He’s now happier

than ever as we have now such a pleasant lengthy chat with him a number of

occasions a day.

He’s such an clever little fowl.  He woolf

whistles, whistles little tunes we have now taught him, and

we additionally ask him day by day “are you alright?” to which

he replies “I am alright are you alright?”! He

is such a star and I’m so grateful to have discovered your info.


In just below 2 weeks I’ve gone from a quivering, tearful,

annoyed fowl rescuer, to the proud proprietor of Dylan the

Parrot who in his personal phrases is “alright”.

Thanks on your info which has helped

me perceive a lot extra.

Josette Bellham,
Lowestoft, UK

Listed here are the 4 ebooks that you just

will discover in Parrot Secrets and techniques™ and the important

Parrot information you’ll discover in every digital guide.


: Methods to Get Your Parrot To Speak

And Do Astonishing Methods

Mute as a fish? Uncover

one of the best strategy to encourage your Parrot

to speak extra. (See Web page 3)

Methods to use an under-estimated

“previous” highly effective coaching method that has simply been

rediscovered within the Parrot world…

the “Optimistic Reinforcement Method”… that may show you how to

tremendously to show your Parrot

to say the funniest stuff in entrance of your family and friends, maybe

even inside a couple of days or hours! (See

Web page 3)…

Uncover the three best phrases

on your Parrot to be taught

that it’s best to take into account educating your Parrot to say first,

earlier than you train it the rest. It is possible you’ll get

much better outcomes in case you train your Parrot

to say these 3 phrases first earlier than you train it to say another

phrases. See Web page 5 to search out out what

these 3 phrases are…

Is it price persevering when

your Parrot is as silent as a tomb?

(YES!) and the way lengthy can it take, in case your

Parrot does not discuss immediately?

(See Web page 5)…

One main issue that may forestall

your Parrot from speaking… and the straightforward issues that it’s best to do with a purpose to keep away from

this. (See Web page 6)…

Strategic telephone placement suggestions… Uncover why
it may be SO vital so that you can put your phone someplace close to
your Parrot’s cage, however watch out…
(See Web page 6)…

Coaching warnings…

As soon as your Parrot begins speaking,

you could have an undesired critic that will get you in sizzling water,

not a enjoyable chatter! (See Web page 6)…

Methods to use the audio tapes and

CDs that you could be already personal to show your

Parrot to talk, and when they’re best.

(See Web page 7)…

Actual communication, not simply “Hen” discuss… How it is possible for you to to amaze your

associates and your loved ones by educating your

Parrot to say “I need a grape” each time it needs to

have a grape! (See Web page 7)…

The two particular “indicator” ready-to-talk

indicators that you have to be careful for with a purpose to know

when your Parrot is able to start

studying find out how to converse. (See Web page 9)…

What’s the finest time of the day to show your Parrot
to talk? Is it mornings, afternoons or evenings? Many
individuals get this important factor incorrect and their Parrots
by no means be taught to talk! (See Web page 9 for the
appropriate reply and why)…

Do not push it! What’s the most period of time
that it’s best to dedicate to every coaching session together with your Parrot
with a purpose to get one of the best outcomes? Is it quarter-hour, half-hour,
1 hour, or 2 hours? As soon as once more, many Parrot
house owners get this important step incorrect and their
Parrots could by no means be taught to talk!
(See Web page 9)…

10 secret TOP Parrot coach

suggestions that may show you how to to show your

Parrot to speak in 15 days or much less!

(See Pages 9,10, and 11)…

Hilarious ongoing dialog… How one can train your Parrot

to not solely say a couple of phrases and phrases every so often,

but in addition to truly keep it up an clever dialog with

you for a number of minutes! Are you able to think about the look of sheer astonishment

on the faces of your associates and your loved ones after they see you

doing this? They might have by no means thought that this was potential!

(See Web page 11)…

Warning: Imply Parrot Creator?

A horrible coaching mistake that you just

ought to cease instantly in case you are doing this as it may possibly truly

make your Parrot imply!

(See Web page 12)

Methods to dramatically improve

your Parrot’s vocabulary. Do you know that some Parrots can have a vocabulary of a number of

hundred phrases? (See Web page 12)….

Methods to practice your

Parrot to do methods with ease

(See Pages 13 and 14)…

3 enjoyable methods, “Perch On T-Stand”, “The Wave”, and
“Shake Palms” that you would be able to rapidly and simply train your
to do to begin the trick studying course of.
(See Pages 13 and 14)…

I’ve been very happy. I’ve learn and listened

to every thing I can get my fingers on thus far, and your

course, Parrot Secrets and techniques™, has been essentially the most useful.

It’s important to start coaching a companion Parrot appropriately

as quickly as potential to keep away from future behavioral points.

A strong information base is vital, and your

Parrot Secrets and techniques™ course has

helped me with that.

I obtained your course a few week in the past now. I’ve a

4 1/2 month previous fowl. So far, Yuri can wave,

do the ‘large eagle’ and finest of all…he’s potty educated. All of this with none detrimental reinforcement.

As a bonus, he is stopped nipping and is completely snug

with being dealt with, even although I didn’t particularly

tackle these points. A really good bonus of coaching!!!!

Brooks wrote again a couple of days later saying:

I’ve gotten one other fowl since we final corresponded as

nicely, and in three days she’s step up/down educated, AND she’s

potty educated!

Thanks for the coaching suggestions!!!!    

Brooks Conforti
Littleton, Colorado, USA

coaching course has achieved a large amount with my
. At first my
would not even step onto my hand, however together with your coaching course
I used to be not solely in a position to get him to step onto my hand however I
was additionally in a position to train him find out how to shake my hand by the

My Parrot now may be very pleasant in the direction of everyone and appears

ahead to getting out of his cage and onto individuals’s fingers.

Stella Lam
Danville, Virginia, USA.

Thanks a lot for your coaching course it has labored

wonders with my Parrot Sam, his speaking has improved,

and I’m far more assured in dealing with him and understanding


I’d extremely advocate
the coaching course to anybody who owns a Parrot or is considering of
shopping for one. The course gives a lot assist and understanding
with Parrots. I’ve purchased books about Parrots earlier than however
none have been so useful and straightforward to grasp as your coaching

I can actually say that every one your arduous work and energy

you might have put into this coaching course have benefited

me and my Parrot.

Pauline Chamberlain
Essex, United Kingdom

preferred the course I bought from you.The e- books have been very
straightforward to obtain and I like the way you broke down the classes
so I can go on to what I must know. Every class
is simple to grasp and really a lot into element. My fowl has
realized find out how to wave and he’s solely 5 months previous. We at the moment are
working with shaking fingers.

I’ve a parrot that
is aggressive about his cage and he do not wish to be petted,
so I’m utilizing 2 picket dowels as you talked about so I can
tame him sufficient to pet him. The e- guide on fowl well being
is GREAT!!! There was a lot I did not know
about this subject. However having this info makes
me really feel that I’ll maintain my infants as wholesome as potential.

It’s essential maintain
the e-books coming and I’ll refer you to anybody that has
birds and want to develop into extra educated. Thank
you a lot for serving to me with my birds!

Wanda Bucklew,
Cobbs Creek, Virginia

have had parrots earlier than, and didn’t actually count on a lot of
them (and to be sincere they developed dangerous habits that drove
me completely loopy)! In fact, I need completely desperate to get
one other when my daughter requested, however after studying your guide
I can now see the place I went incorrect earlier than!

Parrots are literally
very clever and pleasant pets! My household and
I’ve utilized your “secrets and techniques” and we have now not solely
realized a terrific deal concerning the species, however have additionally had
nice outcomes! Our parrot may be very a lot part of
our household! We’ve even established a night routine. Of
course, the children let him out day by day after faculty, however throughout
the afternoon/night routine, is the half I get pleasure from most.

as we name him, is so affectionate and social I can
hardly consider it! My earlier birds flew away from
us, biting us if we ever bought too shut, however Purple truly
flies to us! He goes from one member of the family to the subsequent, over
and over (even my “rowdy” 3-year previous) and affectionately
“cleans” or “kissing” every of us as he
goes alongside. He’s even trying to make associates
with our cat!

Thanks for being
concerned with your clients! 🙂 I’m wanting ahead to studying
your total guide, as a result of I do know there’s far more to be taught.

Jennifer Calate
Sacramento, California

I’ve been that means
to jot down and let you know the way very helpful and informative
I discovered your fowl coaching course. As a first-time Parrot
proprietor I used to be impressed with the wealth of data on my
fowl’s food regimen, well being and behavior. The part on decoding
my fowl’s physique language was significantly helpful because it taught
me to gauge T’wee’s moods and decide how and when to strategy
him simply by watching what he does.

Previous to studying
the coaching course, I had solely a restricted concept of the intelligence,
reminiscence and studying capabilities of parrots. Now my
adolescent fowl is speaking and singing a blue streak, yawning
each time we are saying “night-night” to him, and studying
to shake fingers. Your course has enabled me and my
household to deliver out one of the best in our fowl; we get pleasure from educating
and enjoying with him and are consistently amazed at how rapidly
he is ready to be taught new issues utilizing the straightforward however efficient
strategies we have now realized out of your e-book.

I like to recommend
it to any fowl proprietor who needs one of the best for his or her pet

I’ll learn
your course again and again, it’s a nice reference information.

I instantly
bought your coaching course for worry of ending up with
an uncontrollable fowl. Cheeky didn’t wish to come
to me however ran from me and nipped somewhat. I began placing
Cheeky with me within the kitchen after I cooked, he sits in an
previous colander hanging above my sink, and I additionally take Cheeky
within the bathe with me simply to spend some high quality time. A lot
higher and isn’t so nippy. Cheeky can also be beginning to attempt
to speak too. I began with one thing easy. I make the kissy
sound then say Kiss Kiss.

After the primary day,
Cheeky began to attempt to repeat the phrase. The kissy sound
is ideal however the phrases Kiss Kiss nonetheless are considerably scratchy.
I am positive he’ll enhance. I thouroughly have religion
in your coaching course and am positive Cheeky will come a protracted
manner. Thanks from Cheeky and I

Ginger L. Wagner
Harleysville, Pennsylvania

I’ve bought the information for you. These

are the gorgeous strategies that stopped even actually wild and

imply birds from biting, actual life stuff on movie, placed on paper

in straightforward to comply with steps. They work higher and sooner than any

different method I’ve ever seen.

I will say it once more… they

work higher and sooner than any different method I’ve ever seen…

In lower than 2 weeks, your

Parrot biting and screaming issues might be dramatically

decreased, maybe even sooner. And additionally, you will discover ways to

PREVENT any such dangerous conduct from EVER surfacing.

This can be a particular book

that I’ve permission to share with you while you order, however please do not hesitate, as a result of I cannot assure for the way

lengthy the writer will permit me to share this data with you earlier than

he decides to promote it himself solely.


: “How To Get My Parrot To Love Me”


at what’s inside…

Uncover this professional fowl coaching writer’s private favourite resolution on find out how to repair

your Parrot’s behavioral issues,

that your

Parrot will LOVE!

(See Web page 1)…

Watch the quantity of sunshine

your Parrot will get…

Precisely what number of hours of daylight ought to your

Parrot get day by day? Giving it extra than the beneficial

variety of hours of daylight could make your

Parrot begin screaming! Proper now, you would very

nicely be unknowingly giving your Parrot

far more daylight than what it must be getting! (

See Web page 6)…

Does your

Parrot scream? Or are you afraid that your


would possibly begin screaming sooner or later? Discover out extra about

a superb new method to forestall your

Parrot from screaming. Additionally, you will examine a

real-life case examine by which a fowl that used to commonly

scream upwards of 45 minutes at a stretch day by day was

educated to cease screaming altogether!

(See Web page 6)

How do you have to react to

a screaming Parrot?…

see the commonest errors most Parrot

house owners make that solely make this worse!

(see Web page 7)

Methods to treatment the behavior of

screaming in already pampered and spoiled

Parrots. (See Web page 7)…

How to determine the precise

cause as to why your Parrot

is biting you (See Pages


The important thing to coaching a Parrot
to cease biting is to determine why it has the behavior of biting
within the first place. When you’ve got figured that out, you might have already
received half the battle.

Pages 8-10 of

this guide will provide you with a step-by-step scientifically confirmed

course of by which you’ll decide why your

Parrot bites you.

Methods to completely

cease your Parrot from biting, after you have found out why it bites…

(See Pages 8-13)…

Methods to treatment the behavior

of biting in pampered and spoiled Parrots (See Pages 10-13)…

When you’ve got a child

Parrot, you would be rightly nervous that it might begin biting

when it grows older, regardless that you spend quite a bit

of time with it. Learn how to make sure that your child

Parrot won’t ever chunk as soon as it grows older…

(See Web page 8)

Highly effective real-life biting case examine…The well-known real-life story

and case examine of how the writer bought a particularly aggressive fowl who used to fiercely chunk anybody who got here close to it

to not solely cease biting altogether but in addition to truly

lie on its again to be cuddled by people and revel in being

pet on its tummy! In case your Parrot

bites you, you’ll be able to implement the identical secret and carefully guarded

strategies to not solely cease it from biting, but in addition to truly

WANT to be pet by you! No Parrot

proprietor who cares even a bit about his/her

Parrot can afford to overlook this well-known case examine!


Web page 9)…

Essential suggestions to assist

you acknowledge biting tendencies coming from pure breeding

needs, and the way it’s best to deal with your

Parrot when it’s in breeding mode.

(See Web page 9)…

Uncover a surprisingly

highly effective however extraordinarily easy technique to cease biting

in smaller Parrots, or greater Parrots that are not breaking

the pores and skin. Find out how the writer bought one other fowl who had

the behavior of biting him each time he wished to have him

step up onto his finger to cease biting him in simply 2 weeks

flat (and the way YOU can too)! (See Web page


What in case your

Parrot bites extraordinarily arduous? Be taught a break-through

method referred to as “perching” to cease your

Parrot from biting… developed by the writer that

is fingers down the BEST methodology and even lets you tame

your Parrot with out getting

bitten as soon as! (See Web page 11)…

Essential tips about the place

your Parrot must be in relation

to you when you are coaching it.

(See Web page 11)…

Uncover one of the best place

in your own home to coach your Parrot

most successfully. (See Web page


Be taught the place precisely

in your house it’s best to put your Parrot’s cage. This significant resolution could make or break

your relationship together with your Parrot

and might decide whether or not your Parrot

is wholesome and playful or lonely and depressed!

(See Pages 1-2)

Essential cage placement

particulars…As soon as you might have decided which room to

put your Parrot’s cage in, the place

do you have to put the cage – within the heart of the room, or in

one of many corners? This can decide whether or not your

Parrot is pleasant and good-natured or fierce and aggressive.

The right reply will certainly shock you!

(See Web page 2 for the proper reply)…

Uncover the reality… cage

close to a window? A variety of Parrot

house owners put their Parrot’s cage

beside a window. Is that a good suggestion and do you have to do the

identical? (See Web page 2)…

Do you have to put your

Parrot’s cage on the bottom or do you have to put it increased up within the

air? (See Web page 2 for the reply)…

What number of toys ought to

you set in your Parrot’s cage? (See Web page 3) …

3 easy toys that

your Parrot will completely LOVE!

(See Web page 3)…

Bathe frequency

and feather plucking … Have you learnt precisely how

many occasions per week your Parrot

must have a shower throughout the summer time? Throughout the winter? Lack

of consideration right here could cause your Parrot

to begin plucking its feathers! (See

Web page 3 to search out out the proper reply)…

3 crucial

advantages and tricks to take into account whereas bathing your

Parrot… (See Web page


Methods to management your

Parrot’s adolescent conduct (See

Web page 5)…

One of the best ways to deal

with adjustments in your Parrot’s

perspective and conduct as soon as it begins to mature

(See Web page 5)…

The one appropriate manner of dealing with your
when it’s in breeding mode (See
Web page 5 and Web page 9)…

My husband and
I’ve began taking showers with our fowl named Cosmo.
He completely LOVES it and I’d by no means have tried with out
studying your guide. His screeching and screaming (which
is the rationale I bought her e-book) has additionally died down
significantly. We go away the room utterly and return
in and reward him when he stops. We’ve additionally realized
that remaining calm and talking softly to him however not
leaving our seats till he stops works remarkably nicely
as nicely.

you a lot for placing you concepts in writing! He’s so
far more gratifying (in his adolescent years)! 🙂
Thanks – Terry & Renée St. John

St. John
Norway, Maine

I had the chance to have the ability to use your coaching
on my new parrot and I am very glad with the outcomes
I am getting. I began the course by studying the fabric
on Getting your fowl to like you and which fowl to purchase.
To be sincere the fowl was form of shy when she got here residence
about 1 week in the past and she or he was biting my fingers, so I did
as you might have stated to let her chunk them and now what she
does is that she bites them so tender as a result of she needs
me to the touch her head with them. She enjoys to
be pet.

I am attempting additionally
the half that you just train us find out how to feed your fowl in low
portions in order that’s the subsequent step I will take. My fowl
is 4 months previous and within the subsequent few days I will learn the
different supplies on coaching her to play video games, and many others…
For now I am comfortable to get the response I am getting from
my new buddy Paulita Margarita. Thanks very
a lot

Eduardo Aguirre
Dawn, Florida

After studying
Secrets and techniques, my parrot solely being right here for a couple of weeks are
enjoying on their do-it-yourself wall mounted jungle fitness center, making
their manner again to their cage when hungry and thirsty,
taking rides on our fingers (even my 4 yr previous). As I
converse to them, I can see direct eye contact, their eyes
simply gentle up, we will inform that they’re concentrating
intently on what we’re saying. Although their flying feathers
haven’t come again utterly, they’re nonetheless beginning
to enterprise round the home regardless of the opposite family
pets who watch them, and nearly seem to guard them.

This guide places
its concepts into phrases that you would be able to perceive, many issues
not considered by the final inhabitants corresponding to bathing,
stopping sickness, attempting recent meals snacks and hyperlinks
to the place you should buy provides. There are helpful
tips on cage placement, concepts on find out how to make your fowl
snug and comfortable in any location and particular course

I’d reccmmend
this guide to anybody concerned with studying extra about
having birds as home pets of any breed.

Brenda A. La Platte
Jupiter, Florida

I simply
liked the coaching course. I adopted a parrot
2 years in the past and haven’t been in a position to practice he in any respect.
In his final residence he didn’t have a lot consideration so I’ve
been fighting bitting and screaming for someday.

I’ve been doing
the strategies in your course now for about 2 weeks and
screaming is much less and I’m able to maintain cocoa. He comes
out of his cage and walks the ground to search out me.

This course has
helped us quite a bit, to have a pleasant companion for my household.
Cocoa has even calmed down sufficient to let my youngest of
5 youngsters (1 1/2 yr previous) pet him with supervision of
course. Very good! I thanks a lot for the
effort and time.

Christine Donelly
Feasterville, Pennsylvania

I like the course,
I’ve two parrots. There was a lot Data that
appears to work for each of them. I’d strongly advocate
this coaching course for anybody who needs a terrific
deal and incredible customer support. I just like the
incontrovertible fact that I’m not forgotten after the sale and you continue to
ship me all types of recent articles in addition to coaching
concepts. Thanks

Richard Lupyak
Fayetteville, North Carolina

The crucial

optimum Parrot coaching food regimen

… Methods to decide precisely how a lot meals it’s best to give

your Parrot and what varieties, whereas

coaching it for one of the best outcomes, all of the whereas making your

fowl even more healthy…(See Web page 14)…


: A Pleased Parrot Weight loss program…

Essential Ideas And Warnings

“…food regimen

is the commonest cause for Parrot


A shiny, sensible Parrot tip

…How one can flip your Parrot right into a glossy-looking, clever

and vibrant fowl simply by modifying its food regimen (See

Web page 3)…

11 secret psychological methods (presently identified solely

by the TOP consultants on this area) you need to use to influence and

persuade your Parrot to attempt a brand new

and improved food regimen wealthy in vitamins even when your fowl is extraordinarily reluctant to shift to the brand new food regimen!

(See Pages 5 and 6)…

Too many seeds? What’s the most share of

your Parrot’s food regimen that must be composed

of seeds? If you happen to exceed this share, it may possibly have actually dangerous

penalties for the well being of your fowl!

(See Web page 6 for the reply)…

Give ’em energy veggies! What are the two greens that

MUST be included in your Parrot’s

food regimen? (See Web page 7)…

Wholesome enjoyable selection…Uncover the correct quantities of

completely different meals objects that your fowl ought to eat. (See

Web page 8)…

Not sufficient, or an excessive amount of protein? The optimum share

of your Parrot’s food regimen that ought to

be composed of proteins is 20%, learn some suggestions that can assist you increase

or in the reduction of in your Parrot’s protein

stage to keep away from future well being issues… (See

Web page 8)…

The most typical fowl nourishment downside… What’s

the optimum share of your Parrot’s

food regimen that must be composed of Vitamin A? And what are the meals

that finest provide this important vitamin?

(See Web page 8)…

Your Parrot goes loopy for these

fruits and veggies… The 25 completely different fruits and greens

that your Parrot will love and that

are additionally extraordinarily good for its well being! (See Web page 9)

The 9 most vital food regimen switching suggestions that you just MUST

have in mind if you end up transferring your Parrot

from its present food regimen to a extra balanced and nutritious diet.

(See Pages 10 and 11)…

A secret “beak-watering” Parrot

recipe that can also be nourishing and wonderful on your fowl’s well being! Your Parrot will LOVE you for this luxurious

fowl deal with! (See Web page 12 for full


Parrot digestion secrets and techniques…

Which particular fruit and veggies assist your Parrot in digestion

(See Pages 14 and 15)…

The 4 most vital meals preparation guidelines that you just

should comply with if you end up getting ready your Parrot’s meals – not following all 4 of those guidelines can have critical

penalties on your fowl’s long-term well being!

(See Pages 16 and 17)…

The 11 meals objects that it’s best to NEVER – ever give to your
below any circumstances. A variety of
house owners give these meals objects to their birds with out realizing
that they’re significantly affecting their birds’ well being. Learn Web page
18 of this guide to search out out whether or not you’re making the identical

discovered your entire coaching course very helpful.

Certainly, after
someday of attempting your strategies our fowl, named Morgan, was
saying “hi there”.

Now after having
him for about 5 weeks he’s saying all kinds of issues together with
his title and his favorite for the time being “night time night time”!

We love him to
bits. The strategies we have now tried are as in your course
i.e. Repetition and Affiliation. Morgan simply
picks up sounds and phrases and likes to whistle. We spend
as a lot time as potential with Morgan when we aren’t at
work and he’s at all times desperate to get out of his cage onto
his perch, at first we couldn’t get him out however we put
his perch close to his cage and after some time he realised he
was popping out and is now very noisy if we do not let him
out inside minutes of arriving residence.

The guide
about decoding Parrot physique language was very helpful
to us as a result of we now know when he’s comfortable and when he’s

your details about Parrot diets was very fascinating
as a result of we now know what to present him and what to not give

the guide on biting was wonderful, it makes very
fascinating studying and actually we used the strategies on this
guide to cease Morgan from biting us once we first bought him.

I’m extra
than happy to have spent my cash on this coaching course
and related components as a result of it has been very useful to
my household in beginning to practice Morgan.

Leslie J Sharples
Northampton, United Kingdom

actually benefitted out of your coaching course. Sherlock,
my Parrot, is extraordinarily clever. He not solely can immitate
voices, sounds, phrases, sentences, and many others, he understands ideas.
He is aware of when it is time to go to work or church, he is aware of
when it is clean-up time, and he can have full conversations
with himself that make sense.

Nonetheless, I used to be
not profitable in getting him to reply to my questions,
requests, and many others. after I wished him to. He offers our English
Springer Spaniel completely different instructions corresponding to: Zoe, come,
sit, shake, down and so forth. He praises her as nicely. In fact,
he solely does this when he feels prefer it.

After receiveing
your course of examine, I spotted how wrongly I used to be attempting
to coach Sherlock. In the present day, he lastly responded
appropriately after I made my request to rely, and he obtained
a deal with and reward as a reward. We’re on our strategy to profitable

One other downside
I’ve, is that Sherlock makes a beeping sound each time
I sit all the way down to eat. He expects to get a few of my supper.
Your course has helped me to begin correcting that downside.
He’s beginning to understand that he solely will get some pasta (which
he loves) or different deal with, when he’s quiet or responds to
my requests.

to your course, I now have the correct strategies to coach
Sherlock to do what I need him to, after I need him to.

Thanks on your
dedication to coaching birds, and on your concern with
every considered one of your college students. I think about that your different college students
are as appreciative as I’m. Thanks, once more!

Ethel Sherman
Lykens, Pennsylvania

I’ve had my
Parrot, Dooney for 1 month immediately. After bringing her(I believe
it is a her) residence for the fowl retailer she was the sweetest
little fowl going however after someday on prime of her cage by
herself, she was the satan fowl.

I got here residence from
work after having left her out of her cage (trigger she likes
being out) and after I approached her she was a lunging,
biting satan fowl. She tried to chunk me and everybody in
the household. She did handle to chunk me. I completely panicked
and referred to as my son to see if one thing had occurred when
I wasn’t residence that might have induced this. He stated no.

I believed I had
screwed up however I discovered your coaching course and instantly

Now after studying
that she was controlling me and everybody round her, I
am again in management by utilizing your suggestions. She did
attempt to chunk me this morning and I let her know she wasn’t
the boss.

It is humorous as a result of
you’ll be able to take a look at her facial expressions and see that she
is attempting to determine what she will get away with and when
she’ll be in hassle. After studying your coaching and studying
find out how to put myself in management, she does not typically attempt
to chunk me however she’ll attempt to push my hand away together with her

That tells me that
she is speaking with me however does not really feel the urge to
chunk me.

Marcy Mason


: How To Select Your

First Parrot Correctly…

Ideas And Warnings


#1 most vital “patrons rule” that you have to maintain

in thoughts while you purchase your Parrot. (See Web page 9)

The #1 catastrophic “purchaser” mistake that
first time Parrot house owners make after they purchase a Parrot… and the way
you’ll be able to simply keep away from making this error. (See
Web page 9)…

The 5 various kinds of sellers the place
you should buy a Parrot… and the way to decide on which place is one of the best
for YOU. (See Pages 10 and 11)…

Efficient analysis suggestions… Methods to analysis
earlier than deciding on getting a Parrot (See Web page


4 essential “retailer” questions that you just should ask any retailer

from which you purchase your Parrot (See Pages 16 and 17)

I believe
your coaching course is great.

I’ve had my
new companion “Angel Pie” for about three months now and
she is already etched on my coronary heart. My cat Brittany (Himalayan
Persian – 14 years previous) loves her too!

I utilized
your strategies to cease my fowl from biting the primary day
I bought your data and she or he was nearly utterly cured of that
behavior inside per week – and inside two weeks – no extra biting.
Now she solely offers little “love” bites.

you for delivering the products that work!

Kimberly Olson
Fort Value, Texas, USA

Your coaching
course is WONDERFUL! I realized a lot from all
of it. The meals part has modified the best way my parrot eats
and with little resistance. The sleep part (on hours
of sunshine) was one thing I didn’t know,inside a couple of days
my Jac-ee was a unique fowl! The age definitions completely
defined why Jac-ee acts like a generally bratty teenager.
I can not say sufficient about all that I realized out of your course,
and Jac-ee too! We’re “excessive four-ing” now! Thank
You Thank You Thank You.

learn your course again and again, it’s a nice reference

Linda Kleist
Arvada, Colorado

We was fairly excited
to search out your web site and as soon as we started receiving the educational
emails we needed to know extra so we ordered your book. My
husband and I completely liked it! We’re first time fowl
house owners and have bought a parrot (Mr. Gray) as a handfed
child and one other parrot (P.J.) as an adolescent (which has
some undesirable persona traits). We we doing
a number of issues completely incorrect and your guide made absolute
sense! We we attempting to coach our birds
the best way we do our canine!

WRONG! We now have
religion that together with your steering we will rear Mr. Gray correctly
and proper P.J.’s conduct and have the ability to present them
a everlasting loving residence.

Gala Payne
Portage, Indiana

obtained my coaching course and I’ve labored with my birds
for a few weeks, and I can see an enormous distinction
in them.

wish to thanks for the coaching course it has made my
life quite a bit simpler and my fingers aren’t sore on a regular basis
from my birds at all times biting – the biting has been decreased
approx. eighty p.c and I’m so happy with my birds.

B. Coulter,
Crestwood, Kentucky, USA

product has made me extra educated about my fowl.

began working with my pet and I’m already beginning to
see enhancements. Your product is great.

Sasheen Maharaj
South Africa

I believed it was
extraordinarily informative. It helped me and my 2 new birds bond.
It confirmed me to not be petrified of them and find out how to deal with
them correctly. They did chunk me at first however, I learn in
the e-book what to search for and it actually works. They’re
simpler to deal with and play with now. I’m very glad I purchased
the e-book.

I’m very skeptical
of on-line merchandise. The transaction was very safe,
I’m very happy with the e-book. By the best way,
this was the primary e-book I’ve ever purchased. It was very
straightforward to obtain. I’m a glad buyer.

on your useful info.

Donna Lonsiak

I discovered your parrot
coaching programs straightforward to grasp and comply with. With somewhat
endurance and good humor, you’ll be able to comply with Nathalie’s info
and practice your fowl to be a beautiful, life-long companion.
My fowl Sapphire is screaming much less and I am having fun with
her extra. What extra might you ask?

Invoice Tanner
Los Angelas, California

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Younger Parrot illness…

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These first essential 2 weeks… Why the primary 2

weeks after you deliver your Parrot

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Parrot, and what it’s best to do throughout the

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5 Vital Longevity Ideas… The 5 essential issues that you should be taught

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to make sure that it has a protracted and wholesome life.

(See Web page 10)…

One professional Parrot proprietor well being

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I am a stranger to downloading E-books and was somewhat nervous
if I used to be doing the suitable factor… however I lastly made
up my thoughts… What did I’ve to lose?

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have been… so fast… so easy… so worthwhile.

I discovered your info extraordinarily invaluable. Plus…this
is a BIG plus…your enthusiasm in your writing is overwhelming…
This straight ahead… no nonsense composite information has to
be top-of-the-line reads I’ve encountered on the nicely being
and maintenance, plus straightforward coaching strategies on Parrots… and
I’ve learn hundreds consider me.

If you happen to
personal a Parrot and are studying this and are in any doubt…
like I used to be …then suppose it over and ask your self will this
guide make a distinction… an actual distinction? Can the coaching
work for me and my Parrot… will we actually discover it that straightforward?…

and Sure is the reply…

United Kingdom

discovered that one of the best a part of your course is within the educating
your self on behalf of your fowl and studying why they do what
they do. You additionally stress the a part of spending high quality time
and the putting of your fowl in the home the place they’ll see
and listen to you.

an eight month previous parrot and already it’s spoiled and thinks
it’s and has at all times been part of the household. I
cannot bear in mind having a lot enjoyable. Gracie jumps down
off her perch and wonders by the home in search of me
if I keep previous, her vocabulary is wonderful. She rattles on for
45 minutes at a time. She is continually studying new
phrases and phrases.

I consider
it’s as a result of the place I learn that it’s best to spend high quality time
with them and develop into their buddy. She has bonded with each
my spouse and me and both of can and does feed and baths
her. She likes to take a seat on my shoulder and watch t.v. whereas
i feed her solar flower seeds.She has from spending time, realized
to belief me and I’m positive that I now have been adopted as
a part of her flock.

up the great work and in case you provide you with new stuff let me

Brian Adams
Jackson, Ohio

I’m writing
again about your coaching course. My husband and i’ve been
studying and looking for the suitable fowl for us we have now truly
determined to go together with a parrot at petsmart in burnsville minnesota.

we have now spent alot of time wanting, holding, and enjoying with
all completely different birds. I’ve learn a few of your coaching course
and it has helped minumize alot if pet shops that dont take
care of there birds correctly.

am very glad we bought your coaching couse and that i consider
it is going to assist us in the long term with our dusky.

Farmington, Minnesota

With regard your
coaching course my feedback are as follows:

I want I had bought
your course earlier than getting my parrot. I discovered I used to be actually
fighting my parrot as he would solely permit me to the touch

Since sharing your
course with the entire household, we have now progressed to the extent
the place my spouse can now choose him up and take him across the
home, actually he now even follows her even after I’m within the
room. He’s much more tolerant of the youngsters (5 & 7 Yrs)and
has now actually develop into the household fowl, not simply mine.

The e-books
on food regimen and well being have been very informative and useful.
You additionally present perception on maintaing your parrot, after studying
this I used to be horrified at how my birds wing had been clipped.
On the entire your course was price each cent, and my household
and my self refer again to it regularly. Potty coaching was
additionally useful and we’re midway there with having our fowl
potty educated.

Frank Rawson
Laezonia, South Africa

I invested in your
coaching course after buying a younger feminine parrot. She
was hand fed as a child, however then the pet retailer made the error
of placing her again in a cage together with her siblings. She had develop into
hostile and terrified of people, and the pet retailer staff
had nicknamed her “Jaws” due to her defensive
biting after they caught her with their fingers.

I am a counselor,
so I like a problem, and I felt a bond when the little creature
cuddled below my flannel shirt. I tood her residence and named
her M

The course
was useful, particularly the chapter on downside behaviors and
find out how to get your parrot to like you. Very quickly, she
was stepping up onto a picket perch, and she or he has not significantly
bitten me now in about 3 weeks. On the contrary, she skitters
to the top of the wooden perch I exploit to Step Up, and cuddles
within the hole of my hand inisisting I rub her head and neck.
It is fairly wonderful. It was additionally useful to know which fruits
and veggies I can safely feed my fowl.

I discover a parrot
the right fowl for a center aged skilled who works
lengthy hours on the workplace. Her life expectancy doesn’t exceed
mine, which is one much less fear.

Her playpen is small
sufficient to take a seat on the top desk subsequent to my recliner whereas I
learn or watch TV, permitting us day by day time collectively. They naturally
like to cover in pockets and shirts, which makes them lovable
and handy

Steve Warner
Montrose, Colorado

Your coaching course
was of immense assist to me. Even with restricted time attributable to two
new infants in the home – one of many fowl selection and one
of the human selection, I’ve seen a dramatic change within the
manner that my parrot interacts with me and my husband.

I used to be involved when
we first purchased him as he was displaying an excessive stage of
nervousness and aloofness as birds are inclined to do, nonetheless I beleive
it’s your program that has educated us to work together with our
new child.

a lot on your perception and sensible suggestions. I’ll
not hesitate to advocate your coaching program to any fowl

Diane Ponsen
Newcastle, Australia

I have not truly
accomplished studying the complete course materials, nonetheless, what
I’ll say is that what I’ve learn, I’ve realized from.
My youngsters and I are the proud house owners of three beautiful vibrant
birds (Ohla, Beeker & Child Blue). Ohla had an inclination
to chunk my two yr previous daughter who enjoys strolling round
with all three on her shoulders or in her hair (the biting
has stopped). As soon as and some time she tries, however we comply with what
you advocate and it does not happen for lengthy intervals of time
after that.

My 13 yr
previous takes showers with all three of them and it utterly
calms them down. We by no means knew you would! They actually
get pleasure from their showertime. Child Blue is now sticking
her total head into the water reservoir, which she by no means
did earlier than starting her bathe regime.

My son who’s eleven
takes half of their improvement as nicely, so the entire household
is de facto having fun with these little creatures. They do not simply
stay of their cage.

Your materials
is simple to learn for everybody and easy to comply with.
We’re comfortable we discovered you on the web. My two yr previous
daughter additionally likes to have them on the sting of the bathtub when
she takes her tub and they’re comfortable to remain there!

Thanks for
the guidelines, they positive have helped.

Cheryl Ann
Chambly, Quebec

I used to be actually depressed
as a result of I bought sick and needed to retire early.I purchased a parrot
which I named “chi-chi”.He was scared to demise of
me at first till I bought your course.Now he’s tamed
and is aware of I’m his different “Daddy”.He’s a
very comfortable fowl.Sings “All’ day lengthy!He has added to
my life richly.Because of your course I used to be in a position to deliver A lot
“Pleasure”to his life as he brings to our residence Thank

Jesus Espinosa
Mesa, Arizona

am thrilled together with your parrot coaching course.
Your information and understanding of those stunning creatures
is extraordinary.

I’m a
studio musician and producer, well-known for enjoying the guitar
on such reveals as Seinfeld and Married With Youngsters as nicely
as being a member of the grammy award profitable musical act
Manhattan Switch, Jean Luc Ponty and rocker Bryan Adams.

a parrot named Renge. He likes to accompany me in he automotive,
within the recording studio and even for a trip on my scooter.
Though I’ve to make use of a leash on the scooter, your course
has helped me construct a relationship with him, so he will be
free round the home in addition to the recording studio.

After 6
days together with your course, Renge who was already murmuring some
phrases, is clearly saying Peekaboo, Child Hen, Cmon, and Goodnite.
he does not but do it on command ,however we’re engaged on it.
I’m additionally engaged on the response to my questions train
that you just point out in your nice guide.

chapter on diet and feeding has opened a world of recent
meals for him to get pleasure from. I had been feeding him solely
“fairly fowl” conure meals and a bit of apple every
day. Now he enjoys fruits and veggies, pasta, and I’ve even
taken him to a few eating places the place he shares for instance
..rice on the Mexican restaurant.
there’s a lot enjoyable work to do due to your
Secrets and techniques and I intend to get good at this, as he will get higher
and higher.

This previous
week there was a fowl feeder making class on the HUTCHINGS
MUSEUM in Lehi Utah. I used to be invited to deliver Renge, and the
20 or so youngsters liked him. The museum upon listening to that
it was Renge’s birthday on Might 1st (he might be 1 yr) has
provided the museum for his party. Now if that is not
a testomony to him and your coaching strategies, i do not know

Jamie Glaser

Provo, Utah

The place
do I begin about your coaching course, first I’ve been concerned
with avians of all kinds however significantly parrots since I
was 8 years previous… courting myself that will be 37 years. I
have at all times been to many fowl seminars & I’ve tried
to learn every thing I can get my fingers on about info
that I had not beforehand realized about or learn elsewhere.

I had for
essentially the most half been a parrot individual. Your course has been particularly
useful in getting my parrot, Gabby began on her speech,
in lower than 2 weeks she now says ”
Hello Gabby, Hiya, Love you too & Gabby like?” I could not
consider how rapidly she began & how quickly she perfected
the phrases, she speaks very clearly.

presently engaged on some trick concepts, as my daughter needs
to be on “Pet Stars” and is decided to take Gabby
to Hollywood.

shared a few of your info on the biting & screaming
points with a pricey buddy of mine (though I suggested her
to buy them for herself, which I consider she did), whom
rescued a Double yellow head, who had all his negitive behaviors
bolstered by his earlier house owners. She is reporting no blood
draw for over per week, and the screaming stops with only a
little “flock whistle” when she leaves the room.

So I have to
thanks a lot for myself, in addition to my girlfriend she
was actually getting near the top which might’ve meant I
would have inherrited her fowl & I’m actually fairly content material
for the time being with my pet numbers, so thanks once more for
saving me from adopting yet another parrot in want of reform,
by serving to my girlfriend by your coaching programs, to
acquire confidence, have the ability to learn his physique language & get
the higher hand again.

you a lot on your programs they’re great, and anybody
considering of getting a parrot can purchase them as nicely
as anybody presently sharing their life with a parrot or parrots.

Snyder Oyen
Novato, California

your copy of
Secrets and techniques™ immediately!

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